Dr Paul Ebert

Global Technology Director, New Energy


Dr Paul Ebert is a specialist in the transition occurring in world energy markets driven by technological change and emissions reduction response. He reports directly to the Group Managing Director, Power & New Energy, and has an important role in guiding the WorleyParsons Group and its clients as this transition evolves. 

Paul has over three decades of experience working principally in the electrical utility and clean energy sectors where he has always worked at the innovation and change end of the spectrum. He is a recognised expert in wind energy and islanded hybrid power systems, with this expertise expanding over the decades to include fringe of grid, embedded micro-grids and transition enablers such as energy storage. Paul also has significant solar, solar thermal, biomass and biofuels experience, and has exposure to different commercial models including peer-to-peer and behind the meter. 

His work has included significant advisory roles in relation to policy development, energy markets (evolution and impacts), and project commerciality, revenues and risk, and he has led many due diligence teams across a wide range of project types. Paul is an advisor to several Governments, sits on several funding body panels and project steering committees, and is a well-known presenter and conference Chairperson. 


Paul has a hands-on, pragmatic approach, and he continues to be active directly with client advisory and project work. Currently he is working on the integration of energy storage/wind/PV hybrids into the operations of large mining entities, as well as the development of the hydrogen industry with a particular focus on building the first complete “green hydrogen” export pathway, most likely in the fertiliser or explosives industry through ammonia. 

Paul is a Mechanical Engineer with a PhD in wind turbine aerodynamics. He has worked in more than 30 countries and is based in Newcastle, Australia. 

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