Professor Ian Burnett started his career with GEC-Marconi in the UK, completing sponsored BSc/MEng degrees at the University of Bath before working on satellite modem technology.

Professor Burnett returned to the University of Bath with Vodafone sponsorship for his PhD in Hybrid Speech Coding Techniques which he completed in 1992.

Following a further period in industry working on signal processing products, he moved to Australia, joining the University of Wollongong initially. During this period he worked extensively with Motorola on collaborative grants and projects in the areas of Speech coding and Audio signal processing. 

Professor Ian Burnett

Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

University of Technology Sydney

BSc, M. Eng, PhD (Signal Processing)

From 2003-2007, Ian was Australian Head of Delegation at the ISO/IEC standardisation group MPEG, where he also chaired the Multimedia Description Schemes subgroup. He continues to be actively involved in ISO/IEC SC29, the host committee for the MPEG and JPEG families of standards. One outcome of Ian’s MPEG activities was the formation of a start-up company which attracted significant venture funding in 2006/7.

Ian is an active researcher in the Audio and Multimedia Signal Processing space, collaborating with European colleagues through the COST network, Qualinet, and is currently a member of the editorial board of IEEE Multimedia. He has more than 200 publications, as well as US patents and international standards contributions.

Prior to joining UTS, Professor Burnett was the Head of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at RMIT University. During his tenure, the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering significant growth and expansion internationally with programs in Vietnam and Hong Kong, and significant research performance.

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